Peach Kernel Oil

  • Base Oil
  • INCI: Prunus Persica Kernel Oil
  • Comedogenicity: 2-3
  • Composition: Oleic acid (up to approx. 70 %), linoleic acid (up to approx. 20 %), palmitic acid (up to approx. 10 %), stearic acid (up to approx. 2 %).
  • Cosmetic use: Dry, flaky, mature skin.


The peach tree can reach a height of up to 8 m and has leaves alternately arranged on straight branches. The leaves are divided into petioles and blades. In Central Europe, the flowering season of the tree begins in April. Its flowers are pink or reddish-violet and sit individually or in pairs on the branches, each consisting of five sepals and petals. There is a wide variety of fruit types to distinguish. There are white and yellow fleshy variants as well as early and late ripening strains. The peach has a pale green or yellow, on the sunny side reddish colored fruit skin, which is velvety hairy. The flesh is juicy and pale green or orange. The light brown stone seeds are up to about 4 cm long and 2.5 cm wide. They have an ovoid, pointed shape and are deeply furrowed. The brown seed, which contains 30-45% fatty oil, lies inside the thick stone.

Extraction of Peach Kernel Oil

The light to golden yellow peach oil is acquired from the seeds of the peach kernels. To obtain the oil, the wooden peels of the fruit are removed, the kernels are divided and the oil is extracted with the help of a solvent (e.g. petroleum ether). The oil can also be obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the peach kernels and is usually filtered or refined afterwards.

Cosmetic use of Peach Kernel Oil

The oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving a soft and pleasant feeling. The oil can be used in all cosmetic formulas. Due to its ability to bind moisture, it can protect the skin from dehydration, which makes it particularly suitable for the care of dry, flaky skin but can also help with poorly circulated skin. The oil also improves the skin’s barrier function and makes the skin elastic. This helps to prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles.