Macadamia Nut Oil

  • Base Oil
  • INCI: Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil
  • Comedogenicity: 2
  • Composition: Oleic acid (up to approx. 68 %), palmitoleic acid (up to approx. 27 %), palmitic acid (up to approx. 12 %), stearic acid (up to approx. 5 %), linoleic acid (up to approx. 2 %), arachidic acid (up to approx. 2 %).
  • Cosmetic use: Dry, scaly, mature skin; hair care.

The light yellow macadamia nut oil is obtained from the seeds of the macadamia nut. The oil contains a high proportion of palmitoleic acid. This fatty acid is only contained in animal fat, avocado oil, avellana oil and sea buckthorn oil with a similarly high proportion.

The high content of palmitoleic acid makes the oil particularly skin-friendly since it is very similar to human skin lipids. It is therefore ideal for the care of dry, flaky and sensitive skin. The oil penetrates easily into the upper skin layers, tightens the skin and has a regenerating and cell renewing effect. 

The oil has also proven itself in the care of dry and brittle hair. The hair regains its natural shine and bounce. This also prevents split ends. The oil can be applied pure to the hair, because it is absorbed quickly and does not weigh down the hair.