Olive Oil

  • Base Oil
  • INCI: Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil
  • Comedogenicity: 2-3
  • Composition: Oleic acid (up to approx. 83 %), palmitic acid (up to approx. 20 %), linoleic acid (up to approx. 5 %), stearic acid (up to approx. 5 %), palmitoleic acid (up to approx. 4 %), phytosterols, α-tocopherol.
  • Cosmetic use: Dry, chapped skin; hair care.

This greenish coloured oil is obtained from the fruits of the olive tree. Olive oil is absorbed by the skin slowly, moisturizes it and makes it soft and supple. The oil is particularly suitable for the care of dry, brittle skin. Its ingredients, especially the fats it contains, help the skin to regenerate. Thus, the oil moisturizes and provides a soft skin feeling. It can also smooth out small wrinkles as well as prevent the formation of new wrinkles.

Olive oil also has hair care applications. The nutrients of the oil help to repair micro-damage to the hair. In the long run it gives the hair a silky shine and better bounce.