Peanut Oil

  • Base Oil
  • INCI: Prunus Persica Kernel Oil
  • Comedogenicity: 2-3
  • Composition: Oleic acid (up to approx. 70 %), linoleic acid (up to approx. 20 %), palmitic acid (up to approx. 10 %), stearic acid (up to approx. 2 %).
  • Cosmetic use: Dry, flaky, mature skin.

This light yellow to golden yellow oil is obtained from the almonds of the peach kernels. The oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving a soft and pleasant feeling.  Due to its ability to bind moisture, it can protect the skin from dehydration, which makes it particularly suitable for the care of dry, flaky skin. The oil also improves the skin’s barrier function and makes the skin elastic. This helps to prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles.