Poppy Seed Oil

  • Base Oil
  • INCI: Poppy Seed Oil
  • Comedogenicity: 0-1
  • Composition: Linoleic acid (up to approx. 75 %), oleic acid (up to approx. 35 %), palmitic acid (up to approx. 20 %), linolenic acid (up to approx. 5 %), stearic acid (up to approx. 2 %).
  • Cosmetic use: Dry, normal, oily skin.

Poppy seed oil is obtained from the seeds of the poppy plant and has a light yellow color. Poppy seed oil is not only suitable for the care of dry skin, but for all skin types. The oil supports the skin layers in regulating fluid balance and enriches them with healthy fats. These fats are needed by the skin to regenerate, heal and be resistant to external influences. The oil soothes irritated and reddened skin. The linoleic acid contained in poppy seed oil is absorbed by the skin particularly quickly. It is also absorbed completely so that no oily film remains.

All in all, poppy seed oil has an intensive and good effect on the skin’s ability to regenerate and supplies the skin with important fatty acids and minerals.